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  • true
    The truth values in Boolean algebra are true and false, often represented by the binary digits 1 and 0.
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  • truth table
    A notation used in Boolean algebra for defining the output of a logic gate or logic circuit for all possible combinations of inputs.
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  • tuple
    In a relational database, a tuple is a row in a table. Similar to a record in a data file.
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  • turnkey system
    A hardware and software system which is adapted by a supplier to suit the customer's requirements. The customer has no further configuration work to do, they just switch it on (metaphorically, turn the key) and begin work.
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  • twisted pair
    A type of cable commonly used for data transmission. In its simplest form it is a pair of insulated copper wires twisted together surrounded by a copper braid and external insulation.
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  • two-dimensional array
    A form of data structure which has two dimensions. See array.
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  • type size
    The size of the characters in a document, given in points. There are approximately 72 points to an inch. Most business documents use 10 or 12 point type.
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  • typeface
    The design of the characters in a collection of characters. A typeface can be a bold one or an italic one. Should not be confused with font.