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Dolapo Akande, Simon Astill, Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq, Nick Beese, Jen Dodds, Jemma Elliott, Jane Foulston, Neil Fox, Steve Gibson, Andrew Hearn, Sallie Holmes, Daryl Jackson, John Kamitsis, Peter Kendall, Ovais Khan, Andrew Mootoo, Paul Neal, Darren Nobel, Guy Orlov, Manjula Patel , Helen Philips, Jonathan Raperport, Shahab Reza, Ian Robinson, Michelle Smyth, Angela Spielsinger, Ben Thompson, Colin Thompson, Nick Warnock, Oliver Westbury, Ramon Woolfe, Deafax and Nottinghamshire Deaf Society.

ICT terms are based on the British Computer Society's Glossary of ICT and Computing Terms. We gratefully acknowledge their contribution to this project. Further advice on ICT terms was provided by Ferl, ACLearn and the National Learning Network, University of Wolverhampton School of Computing, Kesgrave School, Blakeston School and Janice Daniels-Dey.

The images within the glossary have been added with permission from Pearson and the Microsoft Corporation.