About QIA

The Quality Improvement Agency (QIA) has been set up to champion and facilitate excellence and innovation in post 16 education and training services in England. Our vision is for a learning and skills sector that is characterised by:

  • the excellence of its achievements and the public value it creates
  • its ability to meet the changing needs of individuals, society and the economy
  • its inventiveness, capacity to innovate and ability to find creative responses to new challenges.

QIA's approach is to champion excellence and innovation and help to transform the sector into a really world-class performer. We do so by supporting and enabling self-improvement by individuals and organisations so they can make their own progress and contribution towards this goal. In the process, we address the three main priorities of our remit:

  • accelerating improvements in performance in the sector
  • securing effective responses to reforms
  • promoting the culture of self-improvement.

Through a mix of new and existing programmes and services, we help the sector achieve step changes in success rates, reduce the amount of poor and mediocre provision and support the implementation of the March 2006 Further Education White Paper and the government's strategic priorities for learning and skills, namely for:

  • Level 2
  • adult basic skills
  • vocational learning and apprenticeships
  • the 14-19 curriculum.

This resource is from the National Teaching and Learning Change Programme but also forms part of a whole suite of programmes and services that will support organisations and individuals in their pursuit of excellence and in their own development as professionals and practitioners. More details of the work of QIA can be found on our website:
New browser window: www.qia.org.uk