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  • audio
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  • audio clip
    A sound file played on a computer.
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  • audit trail
    An audit trail is created by automatically recording in a separate file any transactions carried out by a computer system, such as updates to files.
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  • authentification
    The process of ensuring that only authorised users can access resources such as a secure area on an intranet, or an online banking website, typically by means of a user name and password.
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  • authoring software
    Programs which help users create multimedia or hypertext documents, without needing to know the precise details of how the documents are created.
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  • autocomplete
    A form of word prediction when entering text into a word processor, spreadsheet, etc.
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  • autoexec.bat
    In DOS, a file consisting of operating systems commands which runs automatically when the computer is switched on.
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  • automated
    A process which may have been done manually before, but now is done by the computer without human input - for example, virus checkers can be set up to automatically check all your files at the same time each day.
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  • automatic
    Operating with no human input.
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  • autosave
    When the computer automatically saves the user's work every few minutes, without the user specifically selecting Save. This gives a backup which can be restored in the case of, for example, a power cut or the computer program freezing.
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  • autoshapes
    Found in packages which have some drawing functions, an autoshape allows you to quickly add certain common shapes to a document, such as a square or circle.
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  • average
    The average is the result of adding a group of numbers together and dividing by the total number of items in the group.