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  • hot spot
    A wifi wireless access point in a public place such as a cafe, train station, airport, etc., where users with wifi equipped notebooks can access the internet, either free or for a fee.
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  • hover
    The action of holding the mouse pointer over an item on the screen. Often used on websites, hovering can cause an action such as a new menu to appear.
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  • hub
    In networks, a hub provides a common connection point for all the devices. It may be a computer, or a small dedicated piece of hardware.
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  • human-computer interface (HCI)
    Human-computer interface (or interaction). There are a number of terms used to describe the communication between people and computer systems. Other terms for this are: man-machine interface (MMI), user interface and user environment. Any of these terms can be used to discuss how people and computer systems interact and how easy it is to use a system.
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  • hyperlink
    Usually known as a link. A graphic or piece of text which, when clicked, opens the page to which it is linked, either on the same website or another site.
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  • hypertext
    A document containing hyperlinks.
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  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
    A mark-up language developed for multimedia documents, such as world wide web pages.
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  • hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)
    A protocol which defines the process of identifying, requesting and transferring multimedia web pages over the internet. These web pages are usually constructed using HTML.