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  • cursor control key
    A key which looks like an arrow, and is normally used to move the cursor up, down or sideways.
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  • customise
    To tailor an application or even a whole computer system to the preferences of a specific user. Usually, the user can make cosmetic changes as well as operational ones. For example, the colours and layout of the desktop might be customised.
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  • cut and paste
    The process of deleting data (text, images, a file, etc.) and moving it to another place in the same, or different, document or file or computer.
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  • cut sheet feeder
    A cut sheet feeder (also known as a sheet feeder) allows ordinary separate sheets of paper to be automatically fed in for printing.
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  • cyberspace
    The complete set of information which can be accessed using the internet. It can be thought of as an imaginary or virtual world, made up of all the sites and all the files available. This virtual world can be explored electronically in the same way as we may explore a real area of the world by moving around and looking for interesting things.
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  • cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
    A type of verification check to make sure data is consistent and has not been corrupted. A CRC is commonly used to verify blocks of data stored on disks or transmitted across networks.
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  • cylinder
    Data is stored on disks in concentric rings, called tracks. In a disk pack, a set of tracks one above the other, for example, the tenth track on each disk, is called a cylinder. It is normal to store data which needs to be kept together on a cylinder rather than on one disk, because the read/write heads will not need to move to access the data.