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  • systems analyst
    The person responsible for the analysis of a system to assess its suitability both for computerisation and for any changes or up-grades to existing systems. If a change is needed, the systems designer will be responsible for building on the analyst
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  • systems design
    The production of a detailed description showing how the new system will be constructed. There will be one or more overall designs and then detailed designs will be produced for the preferred solution.
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  • systems integration
    Combining two or more computer systems and/or software, to make sure that they can work together.
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  • systems programmer
    A programmer is the person responsible for writing and testing computer programs. Those involved in the writing of operating systems, general utilities (such as printer drivers) and specialist tools (such as a graphical user interface) are usually called systems programmers.
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  • systems software
    Software which manages the way the computer works, for example, operating system software, drivers for specific hardware.